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Kowakan Dojo is located at East Gosford Scout Hall at the end of Wattle St within Hylton Moore Park.

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Kowakan 弘和館 is a Japanese word that translates in its parts as:

弘   “KO” to circulate, spread, propagate

和   “WA” peace, harmony

館   “KAN” house

Together “Kowakan” represents a house emanating peaceful spirit and harmony.

Kowakan Dojo is one of three dojos that currently form


Central Coast Aikikai.Facebook

Central Coast Aikikai was founded by Colin Hackett Sensei (6th Dan Shidoin) in 1998 after he had been training with the United Kingdom Aikikai since 1972. He continues to teach at Ren Shin Kan, the Niagara Park Dojo.

Colin Hackett Sensei then founded the Australasian Aikikai with Newcastle Aikikai and Makotokan Budo dojos (Castle Hill).

With the tireless support of Gordon Jones (7th Dan Shihan) President of  the United Kingdom Aikikai, the Australasian Aikikai received formal and direct recognition from Hombu Dojo (the World Headquarters of Aikido in Japan) in 2014.