Kiyoko Azui


Kiyoko started Aikido  in 1998 at Suginami Aikikai, Tokyo under the tuition of Hiroshi Kato 8th Dan Shihan. Kato Shihan was a student of Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido and trained at Hombu Dojo for over 52 years.

In 2011 Kiyoko received her 4th Dan from Kato Shihan.

In addition to her training at Suginami Dojo, Kiyoko also trained at Hombu Dojo for 7 years. This exposed her every week to many people with different styles and experience from all over the world.

Kiyoko moved to Australia in 2016.

Andrew Cronin


Andrew has been learning Aikido from Colin Hackett Sensei (5th Dan Shidoin) on the Central Coast since 2003. He was awarded 3rd Dan in 2015 and Fukushidoin in 2013.

Andrew has travelled many times to Japan and New Zealand and also to New Caledonia, England and the United States to train in Aikido. Andrew also teaches Aikido and Iaido at the Central Coast Aikikai Niagara Park Dojo.

Andrew has a Working with Children Check and Senior First Aid Certificate.